Details about your Session

Since becoming a mother, it’s made me realize how fast children grow and how often we don’t document it. 


Our days are so busy and filled with moments we can never get back. Before you know it, another year passes and those memories become a distant blur.


Photographing your moments are the only way to keep them alive. It’s like you get a pause button on life. I’m here to give that to you!


I do my best to make each session as easy going and relaxed as possible. I will guide you every step of the way, however I want to watch you interact and play as you normally do.


I want to capture those little moments like laughing as a family or couple, snuggling in for a close hug and just breathing that moment in. Whether it be in your home or out in a sun drenched field, I want to capture your story.


I send each client a guide on what goes into their session and what to expect. We’ll chat about wardrobe and I’ll give you tips on where to shop to complete your look.


I understand how overwhelming a session can be, but I’m here to make it as easy as possible.


I have been so blessed to have families of all sorts in front of my lens. Through my experience I have found that in allowing my clients the freedom to naturally connect with each other and their surroundings, I am able to capture the moments and details that we all want to hold on to.